Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have an mcEmpirics-related question?

What does mcEmpirics mean?

mcEmpirics (pronounced "em-cee Empirics") stands for multiple-choice Empirics. mcEmpirics enables undergraduate students in Economics and Business to practice and review the basic statistical and econometric knowledge necessary for applied empirical research by answering quizzes.

Why do I need an mcEmpirics account?

There are several advantages to having an mcEmpirics account:

  1. You can play as many quizzes as you like.
  2. Studying econometrics and statistics is hard. mcEmpirics will (hopefully) make it easier and more fun.
  3. It is an ideal way to learn introductory econometrics and statistics.
  4. mcEmpirics is a good way of complement attendance at lectures and classes and reading books.
  5. Playing quizzes helps you to prepare for your econometrics bachelor exams.
  6. You can track your success and the quizzes you have played to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. You can find out more about journal articles published in leading economic journals.
  8. You can learn more about the authors of these articles and those mentioned in the references to gain insights into current research and researchers around the world.
  9. mcEmpirics also contains recommendations for and links to relevant YouTube videos.

How do the quizzes work?

Each quiz consists of ten single-choice and/or multiple-choice questions.

All questions have a context, which provides certain information (i.e., text, figures, tables). The context is always highlighted in grey. Below the context, there is a statement (single-choice question) or several statements (multiple-choice questions).

If you are answering a single-choice question, click on the true or false button.

When answering a multiple-choice question, click on the statement(s) that is/are correct.

What does playing quizzes on textbooks mean? Are the questions taken from the books?

Playing quizzes on textbooks and book chapters does not mean that the questions are taken from the books. Rather, they are developed independently by mcEmpirics. However, if you have read the relevant book chapter you should be able to answer the questions that we have assigned to that book chapter. For example, if you have read Chapter 12: "Instrumental Variables Regression" in Stock and Watson you should be able to answer all the mcE questions on instrumental variable regressions that we have developed and assigned to that chapter. One advantage of mcEmpirics is that we are constantly developing new questions and many of them relate to new articles published in leading economic journals.

At the moment, users can play quizzes on the following textbooks and book chapters:

  • Angrist, Joshua; Pischke, Jörn-Steffen (2009): Mostly Harmless Econometrics: An Empiricist's Companion.
  • Angrist, Joshua; Pischke, Jörn-Steffen (2015): Mastering 'Metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect. First Edition.
  • Stock, James; Watson, Mark (2015): Introduction to Econometrics. Third Edition. Global Edition.
  • Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. (2016): Introductory Econometrics. 6th Edition.

Does mcEmpirics have campus licenses?

Not yet. But we are working on it and campus licenses will be available in the near future.

Can I keep track of how I am doing with the mcEmpirics questions?

Yes, log in to and click My Profile.

Is there an mcEmpirics app I can use on my mobile phone?

You can also log in with your mobile phone. However, not all multiple- and single-choice questions are available on mobile phones as many of the questions, tables, and graphs are too large for mobile phone screens. To optimize your mcEmpirics experience, we therefore recommend you use a computer, iPad, or laptop.

Are you going to introduce quizzes on more textbooks and book chapters?

Yes, in the near future, it will be possible to play quizzes on the following books (book chapters):

  • Studenmund, Arnold (2017): A Practical Guide to Using Econometrics. Seventh Edition. Global Edition.
  • Verbeek, Marno (2017): A Guide to Modern Econometrics. 5th Edition.
  • Gujarati, Damodar; Porter, Dawn C. (2009): Basic Econometrics. Fifth Edition. International Edition.

Are you going to develop more single- and multiple-choice questions?

Yes, we constantly add new questions and improve mcEmpirics every day.

Can I change my e-mail account?

Yes, to change your e-mail account, log in to and click My Profile, then Email.

Can I change my username?

Yes, to change your username, log in to and click My Profile, then My Info. Type in your new username and click Update.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We only accept PayPal.

What are ‘mcE points’?

Each quiz consists of ten single-choice and/or multiple-choice questions. If you answer eight or more questions in each quiz correctly, you earn an ‘mcE point’, indicating very good performance.

These points will also soon be used for our mcE league table and the best user participating in the mcE league will win an mcEmpirics award.

Is it true that students at the Universität Hamburg who attend Prof. Siedler's lectures get free access to mcEmpirics?

Yes, Prof. Siedler informs the students of his lectures and they can register with their anonymous B-identifier e-mail from the Universität Hamburg for a certain time period.