Train your knowledge in econometrics and applied empirical work

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Better results for Bachelor students!

The aim of mcEmpirics is to help undergraduate students of economics and business to deepen their knowledge of econometrics and applied empirical work.

Students from other disciplines (in particular, sociology, political science, demography, psychology and medicine) and Master's students might also benefit from the e-learning website.

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About the idea

Student Feedback

„The Quizzes make fun and are very helpful for learning econometrics.”
Nico Kasparetz, University of Mannheim

„The Quizzes have saved my life!“
Paula Körner, Universität Hamburg

„Great software! The Quizzes have deepened my understanding of the book chapters we went through in our lectures. The explanations provided after each question are very helpful.”
Kai Blume, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

„mcEmpirics has helped me a lot in my learning process.”
Dan Dammann, Data Scientist and former Master student at the Universität Hamburg

Advantages for students:

More than 700 introductory econometric questions and answers.

Complements lectures, classes, and the literature.

Contains links to journals, authors, data sets, and YouTube videos.

Developed by Prof. Thomas Siedler, Universität Hamburg (UHH).

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Helping you to achieve success:

Quizzes: Design your own personal quizzes by choosing questions by book, book chapter, and keyword.

Questions: Over 700 true-false and multiple-choice questions ready to be answered by you.

Answers: Your answers will be evaluated and feedback and explanations will be provided!

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