mcEmpirics (pronounced "em-cee Empirics") was developed by Prof. Thomas Siedler, Universität Hamburg (UHH). This e-learning website comprises more than 800 introductory econometric questions, answers to those questions, and references to articles and textbooks. It gives undergraduate students an opportunity to assess their knowledge of introductory econometrics and refresh their skills. The emphasis of the website is on applied microeconometrics. mcEmpirics also contains a large number of questions related to the statistical software Stata as well as to recent articles published in leading economic journals. The mcEmpirics website is designed for visual learners and aims to complement (not replace) lectures, classes, and the literature.

The objective of mcEmpirics is to help undergraduate students of economics and business to deepen their knowledge of econometrics and applied empirical work. Students from other disciplines and Master's students might also benefit from the e-learning website.

Quizzes (consisting of true-false and multiple-choice questions) can be played on all devices. However, to optimize the experience, we recommend using a laptop, tablet, or desktop, as a mobile phone may not display all questions.


Tested and developed by Prof. Thomas Siedler at Universität Potsdam, Berlin School of Economics (BSE), and Universität Hamburg

Thomas Siedler is Professor of Economics at Universität Potsdam and the Berlin School of Economics. He received both his PhD and his MSc in Applied Economics and Data Analysis at the University of Essex (UK). Before joining the Universität Potsdam, he was Professor of Economics, in particular Microeconometrics at the Universität Hamburg.

He is a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn and at DIW in Berlin.

Thomas has had articles published in several leading journals, including the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Health Economics, European Economic Review, Demography, and Population and Development Review.


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"The quizzes are brilliant fun and very helpful for learning econometrics"

Nico Kasparetz, University of Mannheim

Advantages for students:

More than 800 introductory econometric questions and answers.

Complements lectures, classes, and the literature.

Contains links to journals, authors, data sets, and YouTube videos.

Developed by Prof. Thomas Siedler, Universität Hamburg (UHH).

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Helping you to achieve success:

Quizzes: Design your own personal quizzes by choosing questions by book, book chapter, and keyword.

Questions: Over 800 true-false and multiple-choice questions ready to be answered by you.

Answers: Your answers will be evaluated and feedback and explanations will be provided.

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